Um okkur

Þórmundur Ingi Gunnarsson (Mundi)

Tattoo Artist | Founder | Owner

Mundi (Vírdó) has been drawing since he remembers and has been creative with everything he gets his hands on. He took courses in design and drawing. He is a car body builder and enjoyed himself in airbrushing and painting them. While working he studied colour blending and theory and basic drawing in graphic design. In 2013 he injured himself while working and was unable to work. After that he found himself with a Tattoo gun in hand and fell for it right away, the art he loved so much finally got the change to shine. He dreamt off opening his own Tattoo shop and with the help of amazing friends and hard work it came real in 2019.

Margrét Ögn Stefánsdóttir

Reception and sketch artist

Margrét studied design and art at VMA and graduated in 2005. She has always had interest in art and has taken many courses in the art field, f.e. landscape and decoration. Her interest in Tattoo began few years back when she started drawing Tattoos on her own. Then she dreamt about opening her own shop where Icelandic artists would be able to shine and enjoy creating their art and with the help of an amazing friends and hard work it became reality. Now she is one of the owners of Vikings Tattoo.